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• Povidone –iodine Solution IP 10% W/V.

• Povidone is film-forming iodine complex. It is non irritation and non stinging to skin. It can be used on wounds and mucous membranes.

Area of application:
• Remove hair before skin prepping.
• Prepping of skin prior to incision paint the operative and pre-operative area with sterile swab dipped in
Povidone Allow to dry, paint again, as often as required.
• Post closure: Gently apply

Povidone on and around the operation site, over surgical sutures, dressing of wound with swab moistened with Povidone for complete antiseptic, scopys.
• Prior to minor procedures – i.e punctures, scopys.
• Can be used for vaginal skin prior to surgery .
• Emergency microbicidal treatmentof cuts, lacerations, abrasions and burns- first, second and third degree.

 Direction of use :
• Pre operative prepping of skin with Povidone .
• Paint the operative and pre-operative area with wet swab moistened with Povidone as often as required or use as directed by the physician.